• Hagia Sophia - Turkey

    'The Shrine of the Holy Wisdom of God' , Hagia Sophia is now a museum that bear witness to the turbulent history of Christianity and Islam in the Byzantine Empire.
  • Panoramic view of Kusadasi - Turkey

    Kusadasi is a lively resort that has something to offer everyone. Whether you like exploring, relaxing on one of the many beautiful beaches or snapping up a bargain.
  • Cappadochia - Turkey

    The amazing wonderland right in the middle of Turkey, an extraordinary meeting of nature's artistic splendor and humankind's resourcefulness.
  • Mount Nemrut - Turkey

    Huge stone heads toppled from statues of kings and gods lie at the site of a tumulus built for Antiochos I (69-34 B.C.), the first king of Commagene, on the snow-capped summit of Nemrut Dagi.

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